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When I first got into the mortgage business, I took a job with a retail mortgage company. You know, one of the ones with the big office, “great pricing”, “done for you marketing”, “tons of support”, “amazing ops team”, and the list goes on. 

A couple of years later, I still couldn’t seem to build my referral partner base. While I’m sure I made my fair share of mistakes as a new loan officer, I also remember a period of time with 10 day initial underwrites, a marketing department that never seemed to do anything helpful, and a disjointed process that consistently pushed back our closings. Oh, and pricing was terrible just to add insult to injury.

 Now, it’s easy to see where the train went off the tracks and why I wasn’t able to build my business. It’s tough to call agents to schedule a call when I know I can’t deliver on my promises… it’s even harder to call post-closing to ask for business when you’ve had double closing extensions signed by some angry agents. Let’s fast forward 3 more years: 

It’s September as I write this, and I’ve already surpassed my previous “best year ever”. That is largely thanks to Edge Home Finance and the plethora of incredible lender partners and amazing tech that we have at our fingertips.

If you’re closing 2+ loans per month and have 2 or more years of experience, it’s time for us to talk. Click the link below to schedule a Zoom call right on my calendar and I’ll pull back the veil on Edge and everything we’ve got going on over here. 

Maybe you’re tired of asking for “pricing concessions” to compete with the broker down the street.

Maybe you’re tired of getting paid less than you should be. 

Maybe your company is downsizing due to the current economy and the company “leaders” are talking about “margin compression” and that scares you…. Because, ultimately, you know that either your process or your compensation is about to suffer.

Maybe you’re tired of having credit caps at 640 (or whatever your company’s is) and you’re looking to serve a wider range of borrowers. 

Maybe you’re tired of being held captive by antiquated software and want to build a tech stack that actually works.

Heck, maybe you’re just tired of not getting paid on time. Sounds crazy, but it happens more than you might think – I’ve heard some pretty wild horror stories from other companies. 

It doesn’t matter why you’re not satisfied where you are, what matters is that there IS a better option. 

Concierge service, cream-of-the-crop AE’s, Diamond Partner Status with some of the biggest and best wholesale lender partners in the country, crazy-good pricing for a better borrower experience, and a support network that seems too good to be true until you’re actually here, not to mention rock-solid leadership from the top down is ALL just a click away. I look forward to talking with you, because maybe – just maybe – you’ll take the step necessary to change your life for the better just like I did.


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