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If you’ve landed on this page, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve learned a lot over the last 5+ years of doing home loans. When I first started, I worked in a call center environment, and agents were “a necessary evil” in my mind. I didn’t appreciate the work they did to make transactions flow smoothly, and I remember feeling like they were an unnecessary cog in a wheel that would easily keep turning if they weren’t there.

I soon found out how wrong I was.

Once I was able to close loans on time, those phone calls I used to hate ended up being amazing! Appraisal and Underwriting updates became a joy rather than a chore, and I’ve been fortunate enough to build meaningful relationships (business relationships and friendships alike) with several Realtors and financial advisors since then. I’ve also seen firsthand how good agents can make a transaction flow seamlessly and solve problems before a client knows they exist in the first place. I’ve also seen the opposite, and it’s given me a profound appreciation for my partners.

I’ve learned that the way I treat your clients is a reflection of YOU and your business, which is why I treat each and every client like family.

  • Preapprovals in 24 hours or less (usually less) from receiving necessary documents. 
  • Contracts disclosed within 24 hours of receipt
  • Milestone updates to all parties, meaning no one is in the dark – EVER – on a file
  • Problems are solved and communicated (when necessary) in real time. Not every transaction is perfect, but going dark on communications when something serious comes up doesn’t help anyone. You’ll know what’s going on every step of the way. 
  • Your clients work with me and my processor (that’s it) from start to finish. I don’t hand you or your clients off, and I stay in the loop on files through funding. 
  • State of the art technology, including:
    • Gamified loan application that asks the right questions from the borrower(s) and sends a tailored document checklist based on the way the application was completed. 
    • Post closing follow-up that sends monthly digests to the client with their home valuation, equity position, and local AirBnB rates
    • CD’s at initial underwriting (whenever possible) 
    • Dual AUS findings (you’d be surprised how many LO’s aren’t doing this)
    • Internal appraisal panel (Appraisal Direct) when possible means less expensive appraisals with more internal control for your clients! 
  • No upfront lender fees. Seriously. That means no processing, administration, underwriting, or origination fees that stacks up your client’s closing costs. In fact, using independent mortgage brokers like us saved clients an average of $8,000 per transaction in 2021 according to a recent study of HMDA data – wow! 

We also strive for a better all around mortgage experience via the following:

We work with the nation’s top wholesale lending partners to make sure we’re giving you and your clients the best rates and turn times possible. The best rate in the world doesn’t matter if you blow through a closing date and rate lock, so it’s important to monitor more than just “price”. With over 40 lender partners to choose from, I’m able to work with the very best of both worlds. 

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